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  1. Payment by Online Bank Transfer: Ac details will be emailed to you

  2. All fees are payable in advance
  3. All fees for blocks of multiple sessions are payable before the first session or single session fees will apply
  4. 24 hours notice of cancellation is requested or you may be billed for the session fees.
  5. Refunds will only be issued for sessions that you have not taken and must be claimed within 6 weeks of your first session.






  • Single Session
  • Block of 3 sessions
  • Breakthrough session
  • IBS Program
  •  ​Stop Smoking

  • Past Life Regression


Each client is a unique individual and your different needs will require personalised treatment. There are no quick fix solutions but I do offer you the possibility of rapid progress providing you are prepared to commit to working with me towards your own healing and personal development  outcome.

The most popular package is the 3 sessions format, whereby at the end of your 3 sessions we review what has been achieved and you and I can then decide if more sessions will be useful. Long standing issues of self esteem and confidence often require 6-9 sessions.


I also do a single 'Breakthrough' session which can be up to two and a half hours.

First sessions may be longer as time is allocated for a full history to be taken.
Fees are charged per session and are likely to be between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours.



Terms of Booking


About Booking Sessions


Personal Consultation Options

All consultations are strictly by appointment only.


No new clients will be seen without a prior telephone call
02381785787 or 07919162542

Consultations are held online via Zoom.